WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, Rep. Scott Franklin (FL-18), a retired career Naval aviator, voted for H.R. 8070, the FY2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The bill passed the House by a vote of 217 -199. 

“With war raging on two continents, an emboldened Iran, the growing threat posed by Communist China and weak leadership in the White House, it’s more important than ever for Congress to pass a robust NDAA to meet these challenges,” Rep. Franklin said, a former member of the House Armed Services Committee. “The bill the House passed today makes critical investments in our efforts to deter China, maintain U.S. global leadership and support our ally, Israel.  It will also make necessary improvements to servicemember quality of life, giving our troops a competitive pay raise and improving housing services. I’m glad the House passed this package today and urge the Senate to approve it without delay.”

The 2025 NDAA includes the following conservative wins and key provisions to ensure U.S. national security:

  • Fully funds U.S.-Israel cooperative missile defense programs, like Iron Dome and David’s Sling 
  • Increases funding for research and development of emerging technology and anti-tunneling programs with Israel
  • Expands the Pacific Deterrence Initiative and military capacity and logistics capability in the INDOPACOM to deter China
  • Expands the prohibitions on DOD from contracting with any Chinese civil-military companies
  • Prohibits universities and researchers from receiving DOD funds if they work with Chinese entities
  • Prohibits DOD from issuing contracts to companies that employ lobbyists representing Chinese entities.
  • Funds initiatives to expand and strengthen U.S. seapower
  • Saves $30 billion, cutting inefficient programs, obsolete weapons and bureaucracy at the Pentagon 
  • Slashes contractor waste, eliminating $4.3 billion in programs that aren’t meeting requirements 
  • Requires all military promotions, accessions and command decisions be based on merit and performance, not race, sex or political ideology
  • Guts DEI at the Pentagon and prohibits funding for the DOD’s politically biased Countering Extremism Working Group