WASHINGTON, DC—Rep. Scott Franklin (FL-18) issued the following statement regarding his vote against the third clean CR proposal since September: 

“I was sent to Washington to fight against ‘business as usual’ and help break Congress of its bad spending habit. That includes moving away from governing by CR and monstrous omnibus bills and ensuring a budget process that follows regular order and finishes on time.

“Since September, my colleagues and I have been asked to vote for three clean extensions of Biden, Pelosi and Schumer’s reckless spending priorities, with no meaningful cuts to spending nor any assurances the Senate or the White House are serious about securing the border. I’ve opposed them because Americans cannot continue to take it on the chin while Congress refuses to build consensus and make tough decisions to avert our country’s collision course with bankruptcy.

“After a third short-term extension of funding, Congress will be halfway through a full yearlong CR and just months before the appropriations process is supposed to begin for the next fiscal year. The time has simply run out. The national debt is now $34 trillion, or nearly $102,000 per American. It’s crippling our economy, endangering our national security and destroying the American dream. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, Congress must deal with this mess now. We cannot afford to kick this can down the road any longer.”