WASHINGTON—U.S. Representative Scott Franklin (R–Fla.) gave the following remarks on the House floor in opposition of H.R. 1319, the American Rescue Plan:

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Below is a full transcript of the congressman’s remarks:

I rise in strong opposition to the rule and to HR 1319.  We do need targeted relief for those hurt by the pandemic – but this is BAD legislation.

Republicans introduced over 250 amendments to this nearly $2 trillion-dollar bill – and Democrats only ultimately accepted one. That’s not unity.

This is merely socialism in sheep's clothing. Redistribution of wealth through cash payouts to many who have had NO financial impact whatsoever from COVID.  It’s also redistribution of wealth from future generations who will be stuck with the tab.

The CBO predicts our economy will grow by 3.7% this year without any further congressional action. With over a Trillion dollars in unspent funds from previous packages, we can’t afford to jeopardize our children’s future with this Socialist Spending Spree!

I urge a no vote. I yield back.