WASHINGTON—U.S. Representative Scott Franklin (FL-15) issued the following statement in response to the House Democrats' rule change to alter the Motion to Recommit (MTR):

“The House of Representatives is the people’s house and last November, the people spoke loud and clear. Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats’ political ploy to alter the House rules to silence the minority is further proof they cannot govern with the parliamentary tools that have been in use for over 100 years. We represent millions of Americans whose voices deserve to be heard. These political stunts by the House Democrats undermine our democracy and unravel years of American history. I stand with my colleagues in opposing this desperate tactic and urge my colleagues to oppose it!”


The Motion To Recommit is a procedural tool that gives the minority party in the House of Representatives an opportunity to perfect or change the underlying bill.

Additional information on the Motion to Recommit and its importance is available HERE.