WASHINGTON—U.S. Representative Scott Franklin (FL-15) issued the following statement following the events on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol:

“Today will go down as a very dark day in America’s history.  Make no mistake, the violence demonstrated in the Capitol today is inexcusable and cannot be tolerated.  It is un-American and counter to everything that has made our country a shining city on a hill for the past 244 years.  We will not be goaded into any course of action under threat by anarchists. 

“That said, I have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution and will do so. I think Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have presented Electoral College slates that were elected illegally because they were not done in accordance with the laws enacted by their legislatures. It’s not within the scope of Congress’ authority to assess fraud or simply decree another slate of electors (nor should we), but it is our sworn duty to ensure the names presented to us were done so legally. That’s the basis of my objection and I stand by it, irrespective of who occupies the Oval Office.”