LAKELAND—Representative Scott Franklin (FL-15), a member of the Pro-Life Caucus, today issued the following statement in response to the terrorist attack against the LifeChoice Pregnancy Center in Winter Haven, Florida:

“The attack on LifeChoice Pregnancy Center is just one of many instances of political violence against pro-life organizations since the irresponsible leaking of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision. This is precisely why 125 of my colleagues joined me to demand the Department of Justice investigate these attacks as incidences of domestic terrorism. I renew my call on the Department to redouble their efforts and bring these terrorists to justice before any other communities are victimized. I also want to make clear to the perpetrators that our community will not be intimidated by cowards who resort to politically motivated violence.”

To read more about Rep. Franklin’s letter to the Department of Justice, click here.