WASHINGTON—Representative Scott Franklin (FL-15) voted “no” on H.R. 3755, the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act (also known as the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021) on Friday. He released the following statement following his vote:

“The Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act is a radical piece of legislation that would allow for the death of unborn babies up to the point of birth. It would also override even the most modest pro-life legislation passed by states, usurping their authority to govern their own affairs,” said Rep. Franklin. “This bill would allow for the death of babies by dismemberment, decapitation, forced expulsion from the womb, deadly poisons, and other methods. It is horrific and grotesque. I voted against this disgusting piece of legislation, and I will continue to defend life as long as I serve in Congress.”


H.R. 3755 would legally enable the death of unborn babies at any time until birth for the first time in Congressional statute. This is completely out of line with public sentiment, as a significant majority of Americans are deeply concerned about protecting the lives of unborn children.

A 2021 Marist Poll found that 65% of Americans want Roe v. Wade reinterpreted to either send the issue to the states or stop legalized abortion. Of that 65% majority of Americans—40% of Democrats would “allow certain restrictions on abortions as determined by each state.”

If enacted, this bill will nullify every modest pro-life restriction ever enacted by the states including:

  • Women’s right to know laws in 35 states,
  • Parental involvement statues 37 states,
  • Pain capable unborn child protection laws in 19 states,
  • Waiting period laws in 26 states, and more.

The U.S. Supreme Court majority in Roe v Wade wrote: “we need not resolve the difficult question of when human life begins.” Sidestepping that threshold question and giving no benefit of the doubt to the child, they went on to legalize and enable abortion on demand.

The legislation under consideration by the House today is deceptively titled the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021.  Abortion is not health care unless you equate the precious life of an unborn child to a disease or tumor that needs to be destroyed.