WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Rep. Scott Franklin’s bill to increase transparency in how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) records disciplinary action against VA staff was favorably reported out of Committee with broad bipartisan support.   

“Sadly, the VA has normalized reaching settlements with resigning employees under investigation or reassigning employees as a means to address allegations of misconduct within their agency,” Rep. Franklin said.  “This practice sweeps potential wrongdoing under the rug and prevents a full account of the facts. We cannot allow VA staff—or any federal government employees— to hide behind these loopholes to avoid scrutiny and repercussions. No matter the operation, accountability is necessary for mission success. My bill is a commonsense fix to increase accountability and outcome for veterans at the VA.  I thank Chairman Bost and my colleagues on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee for advancing this important initiative."

Specifically, the Personnel Integrity in Veteran Affairs Act, requires the VA Secretary to complete investigations and make permanent note of its findings in the record of resigning or retiring VA employees.  Rep. Franklin worked alongside other lawmakers to strengthen the bill, including additional measures to increase accountability at the VA. The bill also requires the Secretary to disclose to Congress the performance reviews of political appointees and includes an offset.