WASHINGTON—Rep. Scott Franklin (FL-15) issued the below statement after voting against H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework):

“Last night, I voted against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act because it does not provide the infrastructure investment our economy needs and because it will set our country on the path to financial ruin. From the start, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made clear that this infrastructure bill was tied to the so-called Build Back Better plan. While the infrastructure bill has some good aspects wrapped in a lot of bad, the Build Back Better plan is disastrous. Had the vote on the infrastructure bill failed, we could have stopped the BBB in its tracks. Now, I’m concerned that it has a stronger chance of becoming law.

“The American people do not want sneaky backroom deals and votes cast in the middle of the night just so Speaker Nancy Pelosi can boast about a win to her European friends. Americans want real infrastructure investment that will return our country to energy independence, help us compete with China, and secure our economic prosperity for decades to come. Congress could have done just that if Speaker Pelosi brought Senate Bill 3011 up for a vote. This bill would free up $121 billion of COVID-19 relief funding for infrastructure projects, including more than $6 billion for Florida alone. Instead, Speaker Pelosi mortgaged our prosperity to score political points and left struggling Americans with the bill. Our people deserve better.”