WASHINGTON—Representative Scott Franklin (FL-15) issued the following statement after attending President Joseph Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday:

“While President Biden was quick to point out his alleged victories, the American people know better. Under his watch, American families are struggling with the highest inflation in 40 years, gas prices are skyrocketing, drugs are pouring over our border, violent crime is up in our communities, and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan emboldened our adversaries.

The Biden Administration must put a halt to the government’s irresponsible spending. The president must also remove barriers to restore American energy production and stop relying on foreign oil. We must empower our border agents and law enforcement with the tools they need to secure our border— that includes finishing the border wall and prosecuting those who have broken our laws. President Biden must stand up to international bullies and pariah states by taking decisive actions instead of a foreign policy of appeasement and wishful thinking.

While we have serious challenges facing our nation, I have faith that we can restore a brighter future. My home state of Florida has led the way by implementing conservative solutions that respect our freedoms as Americans. If our federal government followed suit, we would be in a much better place. As we Floridians like to say, it’s time to Make America Florida.”