WASHINGTON — Representative Scott Franklin (FL-15), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, praised House passage of the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) today.

Franklin, a retired naval officer, noted the legislation is necessary to keep pace with the unprecedented threat posed by the Chinese military’s expansion and modernization, meet the levels required to rebuild our military, and includes a needed pay raise for service members, who like all Americans, have suffered the ravages of runaway inflation.

“The 2023 NDAA is a critical investment in our national security,” said Rep. Franklin. “In this era of Great Power Competition with China and Russia, as well as the threats presented by rogue regimes in Iran and North Korea, we must invest in the tools and resources needed to give our troops an unfair advantage over our adversaries. Peace through strength is only achievable when would-be aggressors understand the costs we can impose upon them far outweigh their perceived benefits of aggression. Tyrants only respect power and the will to impose it.”

In addition to funding the military, the 2023 NDAA includes several important GOP priorities that include: rescinding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on all servicemembers and ending separations for those who choose not to receive it; including cost saving measures and reforms, such as requirements for audits and improving accuracy of cost estimates on major acquisitions; strengthening the rights of parents of children attending DoD schools to review curriculum and disciplinary policies; and focusing on unparalleled levels of investment on emerging technology. It also provides a needed 4.6% increase in military pay. I welcome quick Senate passage so President Biden can sign it into law.”

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