WASHINGTON, DC—Representative Scott Franklin (FL-18) today issued the following statement after his selection to serve as a new member of the House Appropriations Committee:

“I’m honored to serve on this integral committee to help restore regular order and fiscal responsibility to our legislative process. The 'power of the purse' is the primary authority granted to the House of Representatives under the Constitution, which states 'No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law…' I will work tirelessly to ensure taxpayers’ hard-earned money is used responsibly and our military has the necessary resources to defend our nation. What we don’t spend money on is as important as what we do spend money on. I thank our GOP leadership, steering committee members and Chairwoman Kay Granger for this opportunity to serve the 18th District of Florida and our nation in this capacity.”

Representing the heartland of Florida, Franklin sought this committee assignment to make a positive impact for his district across a wide spectrum of issues, including agriculture, national security and others.