WASHINGTON, DC - Rep. Scott Franklin (R-FL) today issued the following statement in response to being named a member of House Speaker Johnson’s bipartisan Task Force on Artificial Intelligence (AI):

“In the AI arena, the world requires Congress to step up and lead. Leading experts have rightly noted there is no group or body in the world better positioned to lead on this than Congress. We have the largest economy in the world and the preponderance of AI thought leadership and R&D is happening in the U.S. By its very nature, private enterprise will try to press the boundaries in the name of competition.   

“Our adversaries have openly stated their desire to dominate the AI field. America must keep up with the pace of AI’s advancement. I look forward to working with members of this task force to educate our colleagues on the urgent need to construct guardrails against emerging threats while also allowing technological innovation to flourish. I thank Speaker Johnson for his leadership in recognizing the significance of this issue. We must get this right.”