WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Rep. Scott Franklin (FL-18), a retired Naval Aviator and former House Armed Services Committee member, voted for final passage of the FY2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The bill passed the House by a vote of 310 – 118.

 “As a retired Navy Commander, I know ensuring certainty for our military is critical to our national defense,” Rep. Franklin said. “Providing for our common defense is also the most fundamental of our constitutional duties. While this bill does not include all the conservative wins I fought for in the version previously passed by the House, it is significantly better than the package negotiated with NO Republican input last year. The threats we face demand that we pass an NDAA. In a divided government like we currently have, funding our military requires some degree of compromise. This bill provides needed tools to counter an unchecked China, while defending against threats from other adversaries. It also ensures our troops maintain military dominance and provides the largest pay raise for our troops in over 20 years.”

 The FY24 NDAA includes critical provisions to combat the threat we face from the Chinese Communist Party:

  • Extends the Pacific Deterrence Initiative 
  • Accelerates the deployment of advanced radars to track high-altitude balloons and other CCP threats to our homeland.
  • Closes loopholes that enable DoD funds to go to universities operating CCP fronts like Confucius Institutes.
  • Prohibits DoD from sourcing energy, battery technology or chemical munitions from China
  • Prohibits DoD from contracting with any CCP owned or controlled company operating in the U.S.
  • Rejects the Biden Administration’s attempt to shrink the Navy
  • Prohibits DoD from working with the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  • Blocks former DoD personnel from being employed by China
  • Requires DOD to identify, mitigate and address CCP land purchases near military installations